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John Collins is a senior New Zealand carver and sculptor with artwork in private and public collections worldwide, including the national museum of New Zealand and the Bremen Ubersee Museum in Germany.

He has previously held the position of  head carver or 'Whakairo' for the Kawerau A Maki Maori tribe from West Auckland, and was responsible for significant public sculptural artworks in this region that record tribal history. As part of sister city relationships his sculptures have been gifted and placed in Japan and China.

John Collins public works are typically in a large scale, standing on and connected to the landscape with a commanding presence. They are powerful and serve to remind us of previous historical events good and bad, and of the people involved.

Gallery Pacific has represented John Collins in Auckland for 30 years, and exhibits superb examples of his Maori carving.

All of his works are free carved and each piece is unique.

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