John Penman Photosensitive Glass Vases


John Penman Photosensitive Glass vases. Tallest 420 x 240mm diameter at top. Hand blown at his Grafton, Auckland Studio. Signed. 

Photosensitive glass is a fascinating material, discovered in 1937 by Donald Stookey of the Corning Glass Works in New York. The glass is crystal clear, however when exposed to strong ultraviolet light, micro metallic particles in the glass react, causing an unusual colour and opacity of the material, which is permanent.

It is possible to 'mask' the glass before exposing it to this light. In doing so the masked areas turn white (colourless), and an image is created by this white contrasting against the colour of the vase. The glass vessel does, in fact become a photographic negative in three dimensions. 

John Penman has used New Zealand's Toetoe flowers as his mask, creating superb flamelike imagery within the large vessels, and connecting them to the whenua and flora of this country. Nature is fragile.

Price NZ$3800.00 for each vase

Price NZ$7000.00 for the pair

SKU: 10000-20

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