'WHAI' Stingray carvings by John Collins


'WHAI' Stingray carvings by John Collins. Kauri wood, stained and inlaid with Paua shell. 

Two sculptures approximately 550 x 550 x 80 mm. Conceived and hand carved in Southland, Te Wai Pounamu. 

Whai / Stingray are considered guardians of areas where shellfish are gathered by the Whanau a Apanui people of the East Coast of Te Ika a Maui. They inhabit coasts and harbours of New Zealand. 

John Collins' sculpture of living creatures is fluid and visually powerful. The observer senses intuitively there is more beyond the physical form of the artwork. Its role in the natural world, association with people, places and culture is conveyed.

Price NZ$7000.00 each

SKU: 10000-55

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