Tekoteko carving by John Collins


Tekoteko are traditional Maori statuary, usually carved from wood. They depict important ancestors, whose deeds and legacy are embodied in the carving. Their placement in Maori architecture, significantly at the roof apex, or forecourt of a 'Wharenui' (communal Meeting 'Main' House), establishes their tangible presence among descendants who gather there. 

In this setting, the historical figure represented by the Tekoteko is recalled and referred to by the evolving culture of the present.

'Tekoteko' figurative wood sculpture. Hand carved by John Collins. New Zealand Kauri Wood, stained. Paua Shell inlaid eyes. Overall height 605mm (23.75 inches). Base 220mm wide by 190mm depth (8.75 x 7.5 inches).

SKU: 10000-20 TAGS: Wood Carving, Maori Carving, Wood Sculpture, Whakairo

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