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Specialising in exquisite New Zealand made jewellery since 1975

Showcasing Australian Opal, New Zealand Blue Pearl, and Mother of Pearl Jewellery. Created with superb design sense and technical skill. Members of the New Zealand Jewellers and Watchmakers Association.

Showcasing an assortment of Jewellery

Australian Opal Jewellery

Discover Opal Jewellery designed by Gallery Pacific and hand made in our Auckland workshop. 

Featuring high quality Australian Black, Boulder and White Opal gemstones selected for their beautiful colour and personality. Over time we have developed a deep knowledge of this remarkable gemstone which we are happy to share with you. 

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New Zealand Blue Pearl Jewellery

New Zealand's unique Blue 'Mabe' Pearls are cultivated in the native Paua (Haliotis Iris) shellfish by the Eyris Blue Pearls company. 

Forming over a period of three years in the pristine South Island marine environment, these aquatic gems develop lustrous iridescent colour distinctly different from any other type of pearl. Available here in jewellery designed and made in Auckland by Gallery Pacific. 

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Mother of Pearl and Paua Shell Jewellery

Paua Shell and Mother of Pearl hand worked by Auckland jewellery artists Neil Hanna and Michel Girardin. 

Sculpted curves, abstract and geometric forms glow with beautiful lustre and soft colour. These natural marine materials are honoured and elevated, continuing the tradition of their use in adornment in the South Pacific. 

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South Sea Baroque Pearl and Turquoise rings

Baroque South Sea Pearls from Broome in Western Australia, and Turquoise from the famous 'Sleeping Beauty' Turquoise mine in Arizona feature in these sculptural rings. 

Dreamt up and hand made in Auckland by Gallery Pacific. We love these generous soft rounded forms in our jewellery. 

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