Gallery Pacific Carving and Sculpture

New Zealand Carving and Sculpture

Gallery Pacific offers a superb collection of New Zealand carving and sculpture from a group of established artists at the forefront of their field. A strong environmental consciousness is evident in the artists' depictions of the natural world and its inhabitants. Maori material culture and design is a significant influence and inspiration. These artworks, traditional and contemporary, are definitive of the unique carving and sculpting culture evolving in New Zealand today. 

Doug Marsden Netsuke Carving

Netsuke carving is a particular discipline within the world of sculpture. Originating in Japan hundreds of years ago, the artform is practiced by very few people worldwide today. Doug Marsden chose to study and make netsuke carving his career during the 1980's, travelling to Japan and exhibiting in Tokyo on several occasions. Locally grown boxwood is his preferred medium, and his exquisite tactile characters are charming depictions from the animal and human realms. 

John Collins Carving and Sculpture

John Collins is an artist sculptor whose powerful and original artwork descends from and continues the pure essence of 'Whakairo' ; Maori wood carving. At his studio on the edge of coastal Southland, unique artworks are created relating to the human culture and natural environment of Aotearoa / New Zealand. John's wood carvings shimmer with fine surface decoration, or remain unadorned except for small design details. Encountering them, we sense intuitively another dimension beyond the physical object before us. The carver enables us to feel a connection between the present world we stand in, and the realm of the figure depicted.       

Steve Myhre Jade and Stone carving

Steve Myhre is world traveler who resides on the Kapiti Coast of 'Te Ika A Maui' , the North Island of New Zealand. He is one of a group of established artist carvers that emerged in New Zealand hungry for knowledge during a period of several decades starting in the 1960's.  

Doug Marsden bronze sculpture

Owen Mapp carving

Neil Brown Jade Sculpture and Carving

Donn Salt Sculpture and Jade Carving

Adrian Wills bone carving

Aaron Brown bronze sculpture

Tyson Lynes jade carving

Ken Auton bronze sculpture

Adam Blackwell articulated Crayfish sculptures

Neil Hanna Paua Shell 'Sea Jewels'

New Zealand Kauri Gum specimens

Nora Shayeb bronze sculpture


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