Gallery Pacific carving and sculpture

Gallery Pacific offers a superb collection of New Zealand sculpture and carving from a group of established artisans at the forefront of their field. These artworks traditional and contemporary are definitive of the unique carving and sculpting culture that is evolving in New Zealand today.

Doug Marsden netsuke carving

John Collins Carving and Sculpture

Steve Myhre jade and stone carving

Doug Marsden bronze sculpture

Fumio Noguchi netsuke carving

Owen Mapp carving

Neil Brown Jade Sculpture and Carving

Donn Salt Sculpture and Jade Carving

Adrian Wills bone carving

Aaron Brown bronze sculpture

Tyson Lynes jade carving

Ken Auton bronze sculpture

Adam Blackwell bronze and silver Crayfish sculptures

New Zealand Kauri Gum specimens

Nora Shayeb bronze sculpture

Rangi Redman carving


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